Estate Sales

Estate Sales are an option in Liquidating Estates. Instead of moving the personal property to our auction gallery, every item in the house is given an appraised value, priced and sold on a given date and time after extensive advertising. The benefits of an Estate Sale are not having to move the property, displaying the property in a more “Lived In” atmosphere, and after determining the value of the items, pricing them in a manner which invites purchases.We have conducted Estate Sales in and around the Mercer and Raleigh County area’s with great success. The determination as to whether to conduct an Auction or Estate Sale is based upon the numbers of items in the estate, the location of the estate, and of course the clients wishes. Remember, the more money that we generate for you is directly relative to the amount of income we make for our services. Knowing the value of your personal property, and informing the Buyer of the value makes all the difference. Consultations are always free, so give us a call or contact us via email.