“Just Give Me a Ballpark Figure” Well, it’s 390 feet from Home Plate to Center Field…….

Appraising certainly involves many aspects which determines value. Age, How many were made and still available, Who made it, and last and most important, Condition, Condition, Condition. All of these influence and help determine value.

If you own an authenticated autographed Babe Ruth Baseball of which very few exist,you own a valuable item. If you own a copy of an autographed Marilyn Monroe photograph of which thousands exist, the value is minimal. Being able to differentiate the real from the copies is one of the most important aspects in appraising. Is it real or is it Memorex. We can tell. In addition to being a graduate of the College for Appraisers in Placentia CA, I belong to a nationwide network of appraisers encompassing literally every aspect of appraising. If I can’t figure it out, I know someone who can.

Appraising fails into two categories, An informal appraisal by which I look at an item and give you a Fair Market Value, or A Formal Appraisal to be used in the settlement of Estates, Insurance purchases, and legal forums. The Formal Appraisal consists of a thorough inspection, research and authentication of the item(s). Digital Imaging, A deposition and report of my findings, all prepared in a document which is client ready.

I have performed thousands of appraisals over the years, and each item has been given the attention it deserves. From one item to an entire estate give us a call. We offer a free consultation with no obligation whatsoever. If you are looking to liquidate an estate an appraisal is really not necessary, as the estate will be offered via an auction or estate sale. My knowledge of the product and it’s value is what makes the difference. If I know what it’s worth and am selling it, the buyer will know as well. Give us a call. We can appraise it, or we can sell it, You need look no further.

TIP: NEVER let anyone tell you the value of an item, and offer to purchase it. The reason is apparent and I am forbidden to do so through my Certification and The Appraisers Code of Conduct. This is to protect you the owner. It only makes common sense.